Honey Buzz

by Motherkilljoy

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Raw energetic upbeat powerful rock trio delivers their debut 6 song ep with to the point songs that are intriguingly dynamic and catchy creating an addictive listening experience.


released January 1, 2014

All songs written by Jason Knott. Recorded by Motherkilljoy. Engineered by Michael Sasich at Man vs. Music 2012.
Artwork by Sri Whipple. Layout by Levi Lebo.
Jason Knott: Vocals/Guitar
Mike Sartain: Bass Guitar
Kevin Ivers: Drums

Stereo Records 005



all rights reserved


Motherkilljoy Salt Lake City, Utah

A 3 Piece Noise Rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Formed by Jason Knott formerly of xclearx and The Kill, two prominent Salt Lake City bands. Members are Robert Markle - Bass Guitar, Andrew Roy Drechsel - Drums, and Jason Knott - Guitar/Vocals.

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Track Name: How Are You Where
Here is your chance Take what you get
Give what you can Make no one proud
Hello Goodbye One or another
Where is father How is mother
Let go sometimes I don't know who's who anymore
Where are you How are you
Father make no one proud
Mother breed a new born death
Where are you How are you
Track Name: Seasick
I've got a stomach of an empty sky with
No clouds around to breathe or mate with
I am Seasick
Liars have become my best friends
Candy coated proof of evidence
I am Seasick
Things don't always go as planned
I'll be around when I can
I am Seasick
Fingers of another's hand
I do things I can't understand
I am Seasick
The back and forth has got me spinning round
Falling sideways upside down
I am Seasick
Words can sometimes blur the truth
Rotting is the liars tooth
I am Seasick
I am Sick
Track Name: Brain Cells
Take a swim when you can't breathe
Underestimate your mind
Let'em know that you are here
Will you waste all my time
Nothing seem to make sense
I've lost everything upstairs
Found it easier coming down
Where have you been all these years
Electric Connected Brain Cells
Fall asleep while you're awake
Life won't be such a bore
I didn't think that you would mind
All I ask please ignore
Electric Connected Brain Cells
Electric Connected Brains Sell
Track Name: Leeches
Write it down and throw it away
No on cares what you've got to say
No one cares So throw it away
They attach themselves under the eye
Masturbate themselves under the eye
They can smell the blood
From miles away
Like bees they strip the pollen
From the trees
Track Name: The Other Way
I don't want what you want
I don't get what you get
Keep your eyes On the prize
Things just might Change your mind
Here's what you get Get what you give
Look the other way
No one wants to know me But I don't care
Someone wants to know me But I'm not there
Stare if you like But I don't want
Look the other way When you're caught
Track Name: Blind
Let the blind one lead Tell me what you see
Has it all gone black Or will you crack
Now listen closely deaf There's no heartbeat left
Tell me what you hear Is it fear
You can't see unless Unless you're blind
You can't hear unless Unless you're deaf
You can't see unless You can't hear unless